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What do want?

 What is it that you want in life? A job? A career? A profession? Or a business? Only you know the answer. Each one requires a set of skills, attitude, preparation,  and dedication with its own set of rewards, risks, trade offs  and challenges.
To me…a job is something you do to bring in money.  It is something you tolerate so you can pay the bills and get on with your life.  Done that…hated it.
  A career is where you have found something that you are invested in and are goal oriented.  Usually it is doing it for someone else and being tied into their goals and expectations …done that…and did not like it.  
A profession usually means you have spent a lot of time and dollars  being educated to do something hopefully will bring you money, respect and prestige i.e  Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist, Engineer or Indian Chief.  That was not a track I chose to follow.  
For me… I chose to be in business.  It is  the most challenging, rewarding and risky.  Yet I love it and would not do anything different.  When I was growing up “girls did not plan to go into business”.  They got a secretary job with a big corporation which would provide safety and security.   
So when I went into business it was totally unacceptable.  It took my family 15 years to even acknowledge that I had a business.  There were of challenges to overcome…which I did.  And yes, there were times when  it was  quite daunting, harrowing and lonely….but thirtyfive years later I am still here..and still loving it.  
If you decide to jump into the entrepreneurial pool  there is  a number of thing you need to succeed besides a great idea.  You need a vision,  money, a business plan, a buying public, a willingness to work harder than you ever had, technical and people skills and plenty of courage, patience and dedication.  

And one other important thing…is Friends to support you and listen to you.  You cannot accomplish this without a support system.  Sometimes your family will be…sometimes they will not.  Make sure in your “business plan” you build your support team…it will be one of your most valuable assets.
And a special thank you to all of you  who have been my friends along the way.

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