Money: Who’s the Boss? Old Brain vs New Brain

Empress of Biz, Biz Tips: Money? Who is the boss? Are you Impulsive? You see it! You gotta have it? Whether it’s that new flavor of Starbucks Coffee or the  bright new shiny red truck… if you want it… you have to have it!  Are you always running on empty because

EmpressofBiz, Biz Tips What do you want? Job? Career? Business?

What do want?  What is it that you want in life? A job? A career? A profession? Or a business? Only you know the answer. Each one requires a set of skills, attitude, preparation,  and dedication with its own set of rewards, risks, trade offs  and challenges.   To me…a

EmpressofBiz, Biz Tips: Empressofbiz, Biz Tips. Awards bring Respect, Recognition & FREE Publicity.

AWARDS…BRING RESPECT, RECOGNITION   FREE PUBLICITY! Blue Ribbon Award Winning Writing TipsJoAnn R. Forrester             Awards are an excellent way to position a client, business associate or oneself for Respect, Recognition and FREE publicity.  The publicity received is often worth hundreds of thousands of dollar$.  The following tips will give you

Empressofbiz, Biz Tips Job vs Business ownership I love Mondays…what about you?

 I love Mondays…do you?Monday Biz Tip 😉 Good morning…the Monday adventure begins anew. I remember once upon a time…I use to hate Mondays… now I don’t. I must have been a terrible employee…much better owner of my own business. For those of you who have “jobs” I really hope you

Empress of Biz, Biz Tips. Sunday Morning Reflection: The Risk NOT to take

Sunday Morning Reflection: Sunday Morning Reflection. In owning your own business there are calculated risks that you take. You do it because you have the confidence, courage and that inner drive that propels you. Sometimes you win…sometimes you loose. But there are times that your risk taking is not good.

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