I believe in small business and you. I know when we walk with vision, a plan, courage, dedication and confidence, we can accomplish great things.

All the big businesses that you see today… Google, IBM, Ford, Facebook, Apple & Microsoft… ALL started small, propelled by someone’s dream.

Broadcasting on the air and sharing on the web, says I believe and support you.

My 30 plus years experience of owning businesses, has taught me a great deal. Some of the knowledge comes from successes I have had. I have won numerous awards for my accomplishments, achievements and advocacy of small business.

My clients have been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for their success. Yet success alone does not build wisdom.

Many of my lessons have been learned painfully… mistakes made; shifts in the market place; wrong advisors; and my own shortcomings. I hope you will use this advice to stimulate your thinking and creativity.

Please share your own tips and experiences, so we all can accomplish our dreams and continue to build our nation. Let us all dream big, support one another and make this our best year.

My best wishes for a prosperous and productive 2014. May you be blessed with the energy, enthusiasm, courage and insight needed to make your dreams come true.

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5 Ways Listening to the Empress of Biz Makes You Smarter About Business

1. No BS! Straight talk with practical advice on how to increase your bottom line from someone who has 30 plus years experience in business ownership.

2. JoAnn’s clients have achieved great success and have won national recognition for their growth and business accomplishments.

3. Prosper from listening to the Empress of Biz and her successful guests as they reveal their strategies and you learn from their past mistakes.

4. Host, JoAnn Forrester has raised over 40 million dollars in financing for small businesses and is a teacher, consultant, mentor, strategist and writer.

5. This talkcast is fun, entertaining and provides inspirational business advice that will make you smarter and more profitable.


The Empress of Biz. Listen! Learn! Prosper! is a 30 minute show.

To listen, visit: Empress of Biz – Listen! Learn! Prosper! or Dial 1-724-444-7444 and enter Call ID #80050 and Empress of Biz is a syndicated Pittsburgh internet radio show.

This radio show is designed to guide small business owners and entrepreneurs through our difficult economic times. Each segment has tips culled from JoAnn Forrester’s 30 plus years of experience and features a business owner or business partner or resources who shares their business expertise… The goal of the show is to have our listeners not only survive the recession but to THRIVE. 

Contact JoAnn R. Forrester today at 412-440-6969 or email empressofbiz@gmail.com.